Why a consultation is critical

Why A Consultation Is Critical
Common though it is, nobody wants to lose their hair. Whether or not it is a result of a specific issue
such as alopecia, or through aging, HDC‘s hair treatments are state of the art and subtle in equal
measure, allowing your hair to be restored without any jarring, noticeable results. We are experts in
our field, and will make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Our consultations

Our consultations are essential parts of the hair restoration process. Their undertaking allows for the
utmost in transparency; we guide you through the treatment, tell you how it works and discuss your
needs in detail. The first one is free of charge, allowing you a pressure-free, no obligation meeting
that will leave you with no illusions of the Hair Design Company‘s methods and capabilities. We
advise our customers on everything from the procedure to their preferred hairstyle, all in a friendly,
comfortable setting.

Why consultation is critical

We don’t want our customers to commit to something that they don’t want, or rush into a decision
that may be wrong for them. Transparency is of the utmost importance to us – we think that being
upfront about costs and treatments, rather than merely pushing for a sale, is hugely important. If the
price is too high, or the treatment unsuitable, then it is vital that you, as a customer, are informed
before it is too late. Even things like a badly suited hairstyle after treatment can ruin the work and be
particularly disillusioning – a longer and more detailed set of consultations can ensure that everyone
is on the same page, excited about the prospects, and in no doubts as to how it will turn out.

Why choose us?

Along with our expert knowledge, our team are also very friendly and ensure the utmost in
confidentiality. Our relaxing premises with its discreet entrances provides further assurances of our
experience and professionalism, and our payment plans are flexible, so why not get in touch and
see if hair treatment is right for you? We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what we can
do to help.