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Why a consultation is critical

Posted on 24th January 2017

Common though it is, nobody wants to lose their hair. Whether or not it is a result of a specific issue such as alopecia, or through aging, HDC‘s hair treatments

Dealing with Hair Loss in Men

Posted on 13th October 2016

The loss of hair in men, especially young men, can be a painful and traumatic process. Hair loss has been found to increase both depression and isolating conduct in men.

Myths About Hair Loss

Posted on 15th September 2016

By the age of 60 two out of every three men will have begun to become bald. Most of these men will not part with their hair willingly and it

How Your Confidence Can be Affected by Hair Loss

Posted on 1st June 2016

It is a little known fact that some 30 million women, or one in four, will at being to experience hereditary hair loss and balding at some point of their