Popular Hairstyles That Will Bring Back Your Confidence

Popular Hairstyles That Will Bring Your Confidence Back

Whether you are male or female, your hairstyle can have a massive impact on your confidence and self esteem.  After all, it is one of the first things people notice about you and we all know what is like to have a bad hair day!  Choosing the right hairstyle is vitally important to a person’s confidence level and appearance as it is a strong part of their identity and of how they want to be perceived by others.

There are numerous factors which dictate whether a hairstyle would be suited to an individual, in the main, physical attributes such as face shape, flaws and imperfections tend to be the main determining considerations when choosing the best hairstyle to suit and boost confidence.

The shape of a person’s face and physical attributes are unlikely to change dramatically with time.  But there are some flaws that come with the parcel of life such as hair thinning, baldness and scarring that can be disguised by using for example a hair replacement system and then opting for the most suited hairstyle once it is fitted.

Most flaws can be easily disguided by choosing the right hairstyle –  a hairstyle that is suited to the shape of your face and features and that will make you look and feel your absolute best.  This can be achieved not only with a complementary haircut, but also with colour and texture depending on overall body type, height and complexion.

Here we try to provide tips on the most common hairstyles that can boost a person’s confidence depending on their physical attributes and flaws they would like to hide.

Female Hairstyles


Oval shaped Face

Popular Hairstyles Oval Shaped Face

Oval shaped faces are the most forgiving, a short or a long cut can suit.  However, avoid medium length cuts as it will take away from the symmetry of your face.

Round Face Shape

Popular Hairstyles Round Shaped Face

Hairstyles with layers are the best for round faces, giving definition and texture.  Avoid bobs or cuts that are all one length, these are best suited for oval shaped faces.

Square Face Shape

Popular Hairstyles Square Shaped Face

Soften the face with a fringe that is shorter in the middle and gets longer at the sides.  Consider a long fringe or layers and if a shorter cut is preferred ensure lots of movement and texture.

Triangular or Heart Shaped Face

Popular Hairstyles Triangular Heart Shaped Face

Decrease the width of the forehead with a fringe, increase the width of the lower face with layers around the cheek bones and keep the length above the shoulders.

Male Hairstyles


Big Ears

Popular Hairstyles Male Long Ears

Short graduated layers with hair slightly covering at least 25% of the top of the ears.

Receding hairline

Popular Hairstyles Male Receding Line

Opt for a short cut on the back and sides layering into a longer length on top.

Receding temples

Popular Hairstyles Male Receding Temples

Go for a short back and sides cut with a strip of longer hair in the centre on top