Myths About Hair Loss

Myths About Baldness

By the age of 60 two out of every three men will have begun to become bald. Most of these men will not part with their hair willingly and it was revealed that collectively American males spend a colossal $1 billion each year trying to fight back the baldness to prolong their hair as long as possible. Whilst there is still no cure for the process of hair loss in men, there are a lot of mythical causes that provide men with a sense of worry and concern.

In this blog we explore four of the most common myths relating to baldness in men.

Hair loss is passed down to men from their mother’s side:

This is not entirely true, however there is truth in it. The primary cause of baldness is found on the X chromosome- which men inherit from their mothers. However, there are other factors that impact on baldness. This heredity factor is in fact only slightly stronger on the woman’s side. Despite this, research has consistently demonstrated that a man with a father who is bald is far more likely to develop baldness than a man whose father has a full head of hair.

Wearing a hat causes hair follicles to become strained resulting in hair loss:

This is an absolute myth, which is great news for those men who rely on hats to provide coverage to their recessing hair lines. However, if a hat is dirty it can contribute towards hair loss. This is due to the fact that dirt from these unwashed hats can result in scalp infections, that can accelerate hair loss. Therefore, make sure to rotate your hats regularly and to keep them clean.

If you do not want to lose your hair, then avoid products such as gel and hairspray:

This is also a complete myth as hair products do not cause baldness and this includes shampoo, washing your hair regularly and even dandruff. A factor that can speed up the process of balding is using curling irons- as it is the over-mechanical utilisation of hair that can cause hair loss. So feel free to continue using your favourite hair products without guilt.

A carbohydrate heavy diet can result in hair loss:

Yet another complete myth. It has actually been found that a diet that contains a large amount of carbohydrates means that your hair receives nutrients that are helpful for maintaining a full, healthy head of hair.