Hair Replacement Systems – Common Myths & Misconceptions

Hair Replacement Systems - Common Myths & Misconceptions

The world is abundant with a myriad of myths, misconceptions and misinformation about hair replacement systems. As with most modern myths, the internet and social media has in many cases on made things worth, solidifying these myths into assumed facts.

Let expose some of the biggest myths in circulation presently about hair replacement systems.

  1. Hair Replacement Systems Fall Off Easily: Some people also like to say that they blow off in the wind. Both statements are nonsense. When a hair replacement system is correctly and properly attached, it can remain on your head for weeks. Additionally, it will hold up to all daily activities, this includes exercise and exposure to extreme wind conditions.
  2. Hair Replacement Systems Are Itchy: This may once have been the case with archaic and now outdated solutions, but modern hair replacement systems are specifically designed to be both light and comfortable. When wearing a hair replacement system, ensure you also get a cap which is both properly fitted and well ventilated. This will ensure you hardly notice your hair replacement system as you go about your daily activities.
  3. You Cannot Style Or Change The Colour Of Your Hair Replacement System: Thankfully this is not true. Modern hair replacement systems offer the same level of customisation ability as normal hair. To demonstrate, modern hair systems can be dyed just like normal hair. Also, you can style your hair system however you choose. In fact, many people actually design their own hair replacement system- choosing the type of hair and the style. You can literally determine everything, how thick or thin the system is, whether it is straight or wavy, and whether it is long or short.
  4. You Will Not Be Able To Use Straighteners Or A Hair Dryer With Your Hair Replacement System: There is some truth in this, your hair replacement system will most likely have a temperature limit. However, provided you are careful and ensure the limit is not exceeded, then you are free to use heated appliances to style your hair to your hearts content.
  5. It Is Difficult To Maintain: It is no harder looking after a hair replacement system than it is to look after your own hair. The process is pretty much the same. The only major difference is that you should ensure you maintain your hair replacement system in the same way that your stylist showed you. Apart from that, wash and brush it regularly, if you suspect it has become damaged then take it back to your stylist for an assessment.