The not so obvious signs of hair loss

Hair Loss Not So Obvious Signs

Although more often associated with middle-aged men, hair loss can occur at any age, and affects both men and women. A healthy scalp can shed 100 – 150 hairs a day, which is normal. If you start to shed hair at a higher rate, however, you may be experiencing irreversible hair loss. Even then, hair loss is typically a gradual and fairly slow process and you may not be aware you are beginning to lose your hair for many months, if not years.

How is your widow’s peak?

In men, a widow’s peak, or receding hairline is often one of the first obvious signs of hair loss, but may not tell the whole story. To check for an overall decrease in the volume of hair, part your hair in the middle and see how much scalp is revealed. Do this over a period of months and check to see whether more scalp is visible. Also, if your scalp starts to become sensitive to cold, you could be losing hair from the crown quicker than you realise.

Has your ponytail lost some flounce?

Women may start to notice their ponytail isn’t quite as thick as it used to be, and when they pull their hair back they can see more of their scalp. Hair loss can be easier to spot when your hair is wet, again because of more scalp being apparent. Something else to look out for is whether your hair dries more quickly. Another sign is the amount of hair on your hair brush; if there are more than the usual few strands, you could be suffering hair loss. One other thing to look out for is a change in the texture of your hair. Is it getting finer, more brittle, or breaking more easily? If so, these are also all prominent signs.

Non-surgical solution

Unlike men, where hair loss tends to occur at the crown or at the hairline in front, hair loss in women can be more evenly distributed across the scalp, although usually more pronounced at the crown. If you are experiencing hair loss, non-surgical hair replacement can be an effective way of disguising it. To find out more, call us today.