How To Get Perfect Hair Waves This Summer

How To Get Perfect Hair Waves This Summer

Waves are forever a stylish look, universally adored by beauty lovers ranging from the red carpet stars down to the everyday fashionista. However, achieving the perfect loose curls for the first time, and sometimes even quite a few times after that, can be incredibly daunting. To enable you to rock the beach waves look this summer we have provided this simple guide. Best of all, this style can be easily accomplished in less than ten minutes!

The Flat Iron And Twists Technique:

Using a flat iron and twists is maybe the single best and most effective means of achieving the perfect hair waves this summer. Start by lightly misting your hair with a Spray à Porter. Next, divide your hair into two sections, then create a twisted cord with each, holding onto the ends. Now it is time to take your flat iron, use it to set the curls at the top. Clasp the iron on your hair at gradual gaps, holding it in place for a couple of seconds. Once you have worked your way to the bottom of your hair, allow it to cool before unravelling. Once unravelled, look at your waves and if insufficient repeat accordingly.

The Small Barrel Curler Technique:

The best thing about this technique is that it can be easily and effectively accomplished in just five minutes. To accomplish this style a number of things are required, a curling iron that has fitted the smallest possible curling barrel (an inch is perfect), a hairbrush, a hair clip, some bobby pins and hairspray.

The first step is to quickly brush your hair, then section your hair into two sections – the right and the left. Once complete you are ready to begin, take your curling iron. When using your curling iron, since it is small, it is important to take large amounts of your hair to curl – this approach will achieve stunning big waves through your hair. Take two to three inches of hair, then test it by wrapping it around the barrel, then brush one more time.

Now take the section of hair and tightly wrap it around the barrel working away from your face. Then hold it in place for ten to fifteen seconds and then carefully release it holding it with your hand. This will result in a set of stunning and glamorous waves. Repeat the technique with each section of your hair. Once complete, spray your hair with hairspray and then begin working your hand gently through each of the sections. Then you are done, make sure to take a moment to admire.