Dealing with Hair Loss in Men

Dealing With Hair Loss Men

The loss of hair in men, especially young men, can be a painful and traumatic process. Hair loss has been found to increase both depression and isolating conduct in men. These feelings can drive men in search of miracle cures, such as drugs, implants and creams. Not only are these “remedies” often ineffective long term but they are often financially expensive too.

Below are our top tips to help men come to terms with their hair loss without resorting to surgery or drugs.

Come to terms with the fact you are losing your hair:

Research has revealed that fifty percent of men are losing their hair, with half of this figure aged under 30. Therefore, you are not alone in facing baldness. Hair loss is not a factor that you have any control over, and more importantly, it will not affect how people judge or perceive you. The good news is, that being bald has never been more stylish.

Cut off your remaining hair:

If you want to reduce the visual impact of your hair loss, then the best approach is to cut your hair short on the top and sides. As a general rule, if scalp can be seen on the top of your head, then cut the sides of your hair so that the amount of visible scalp is the same. Once baldness and hair recession has become an unavoidable fact, growing your hair will only serve to highlight the extent of the loss. Therefore, finding a short hair style that suits you offers the best means of accepting your baldness whilst enjoying your remaining hair.

Avoid heavy hair styling products:

This is not because these products will further contribute towards your hair loss- because they won’t! Instead, these products often serve to separate the hair, resulting in greater amounts of the scalp being exposed. Instead select incredibly light products and use them in small amounts. This process provides the ability to take control of your style without further highlighting your hair loss.

Grow a beard:

Once you have found your new, short hair style then consider growing some facial hair. However, make sure that it is well groomed and properly cared for. This process of growing facial hair will divert attention away from the top of your head and back onto your face. Reducing the amount of insecurity and discomfort you feel when you notice people looking at your receding hairline and increasing baldness.