How Your Confidence Can be Affected by Hair Loss

How Your Confidence Can Be Affected by Hair Loss

It is a little known fact that some 30 million women, or one in four, will at being to experience hereditary hair loss and balding at some point of their life. Many women find the process of losing their hair a process which is equally stressful and emotionally challenging. The implications go deeper, in many cases this in turn leads to women losing their confidence and beginning to feel unattractive.

Why is it that hair has such power over us as humans? What is it about this part of our anatomy that makes it a centre point in our emotional wellbeing? For a number of women, hair is one of the core driving factors of the daily routine. On those dark days, when we wake up and try as we might, are unable to get our hair to behave itself, then the rest of the day seems to have a rain cloud hanging over it. On these days many women feel far less confident in their appearance which can in turn affect their performance in the workplace.

Imagine, then that your hair began to fall out. This process would be essentially an ongoing and ever worsening series of bad hair days. The impact that such a process has on a woman’s self-esteem and personal identity can be devastating. Random bald patches sprouting up all over your head can make you feel awkward, ever moving your hair around and over it to ensure that it is covered.

There is, however, a solution. Best of all it is not drastic and does not require any surgery or implants. This solution is in the form of hair replacement. Hair replacement solutions are available to all women, irrespective of hair colour, gender or race.

Hair replacement systems require no surgery. Simply visit one of our stylists who will listen to your requirements. Once complete a bespoke hair system will be produced using your hair samples. When your system has been manufactured, you will not only have a full head of hair once again, you will have one exactly how you want it. Your replacement system may, in fact be better than your original hair!

Best of all, hair replacement systems, can be customised in exactly the same way normal hair can. This means you are free to dye it how you choose and to have additional styling performed should the mood take you.