The Best Hairstyles At The Cannes Festival

Cannes 2016

The Cannes Film Festival, without a doubt year upon year delivers the best fashion and beauty from around the world. This could be down to the picturesque Mediterranean setting of the festival, its sunlight offering the perfect accompaniment, or equally it could be the high concentration of Hollywood’s most stunning stars gathered for the single event, or even the level of competition with literally hundreds of photographers flocking to the event, making the stars pull their socks up to gain attention. We simply do not know what it is, but once again the 2016 Cannes Film Festival has delivered some of the best hair styles even seen.

Here we explore some of the best hairstyles that were seen at this years event.

Clemence Poesy:

For the closing ceremony she blew viewers away, wearing her hair in a romantic up-do, brilliantly highlighted by her glowing skin and some silvery eye make up.

Vanessa Paradis:

Keeping it simple, this stair wore her hair loose to the closing ceremony, however the look was pulled off by equally utilitarian make up, comprised of a combination of nude lipstick, kohl and some stunning metallic eyeshadow.

Kirsten Dunst:

This year saw Kirsten on the event’s jury, her hair and beauty guaranteed that she looked the part. She wore her hear in a pretty chignon, and supported it with a rose toned beauty appearance. When it came to the premiere of The Neon Demon, Kirsten once again turned heads with her hair style, this time choosing tousled curls- the look was tied together using focussed makeup centred on her smoky eyes and nude lipstick.

Sasha Lane:

Sasha choose something a bit different to the previous three for her hair for the event’s closing ceremony. She opted for wearing her hair in two buns- this look accentuated her beauty look that focused around stunning metallic, smoky eyes with kohl lining.

Bella Heathcote:

This stunning starlet opted that a simple yet effective side-part. Twinned with her metallic smoky eyes, she turned plenty of heads when she appeared for the premiere of The Neon Demon.

Elle Fanning:

Elle opted for a traditional hair style when she attended the premiere of The Neon Demon, she selected a sleek, low chignon in conjunction with pastel toned makeup- achieving a sophisticated look that seemed ballerina like.

Aymeline Valade:

The premiere of The Last Face saw Aymeline opting for a dishevelled up-do, that was simply beautiful. The accompanying makeup featured kohl lined eyes and perfected skin.